Araceli Jimenez

Cultural Leadership Organizer 

First generation xicana born and raised in Southern Oregon, Araceli Jimenez has spent countless hours doing community outreach from tabling to canvassing. She brings over five years of experience serving as a volunteer coordinator, community organizer, and advocate with organizations such as Rogue Climate and Northwest Seasonal Workers Association. Araceli proudly comes from a long line of agricultural and restaurant workers, who have contributed to the growing economy for over 20 years. Her father was part of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 providing new opportunities for Araceli and her family. Growing up in Southern Oregon Araceli says “I felt robbed from celebrating my culture as a kid, and it took me until my adult life to really feel proud to be Mexicana”. That is why while working with Coalición Fortaleza as the Cultural Event Organizer Araceli’s hopes that she not only builds a stronger community through celebrating culture, but that she can also be part of building something for future generations to feel proud of.