On June 24th 2022 we woke up to the news that after 18 months of hard work, our tireless efforts to restore our communities dignity and sense of home is now closer to being possible with the successful purchase of Talent Mobile Estates which will soon be the first-ever resident owned community in Jackson County ! Establishing Talent Mobile Estates as a Resident-Owned Community (ROC) is just the first of many real long-term permanent affordable housing solutions to come.

Making your dreams come true requires enormous amounts of faith, commitment and Fortaleza. We couldn’t have done this without the guidance of our community elders, their strong spirits and faith in our collective resilience. In October of 2020 the dream was seeded in a room full of despair and grief – like a guiding light the question emerged, “what if we just bought our neighborhoods back?” 

Although then we had no clear path forward, knowing that we were some of the first to take on this journey locally, what really brought hope to our hearts was thinking of this being possible. 

When we find ourselves lost in our grief and pain there is no other option but to fight for what we know we deserve. Hope requires bravery. Dreaming awake helps pave the way for possibility. Though we knew no path forward we set out to find those who could help us make it happen! We want to whole-heartedly thank our partners and allies who made this happen with us and yes- we thank even the adversaries and haters who helped show us we had the grit and strength to overcome all the forces that were against us. ALWAYS LEANING ON OUR VISION AND OUR PEOPLE. Thank you adversaries for helping us to learn just how much more powerful we are than what we thought and just how true it is that when we fight with love in our hearts, victory finds us.

It’s been a long journey, In January of 2020 construction finally started. The first home was delivered on January 31st 2024. That day was significant because it marked the first day of tangible recovery. 


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