Rogue Wealth Building

Coalición Fortaleza is built on four pillars; land, culture, community, and legacy. We are actively working on building legacy for our community through wealth building programming. Wealth building holds profound significance for Latine and indigenous communities, serving as a pathway to economic empowerment and self-sufficiency. Through strategic financial initiatives tailored to their unique needs and challenges, our communities can break cycles of poverty, achieve greater stability, and preserve cultural heritage. By fostering financial literacy, providing access to resources, and promoting entrepreneurship, wealth building initiatives not only enhance individual prosperity but also contribute to the overall resilience and flourishing of Latine and indigenous communities, paving the way for a brighter and more equitable future.

Coalición Fortaleza is leading the way with the Rogue Wealth Building Program, designed to empower our Latine and Indigenous communities through a range of services focused on financial literacy and support. Our current initiatives include offering free RVTD Bus Passes, IDA programs, the Unrestricted Funds Program, and providing complimentary financial education.

How We Can Help


IDA program

Coalición Fortaleza takes great pride in its participation in the Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative, a collaborative effort spanning over two decades dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by communities disproportionately affected by economic disparities.


Cultural Wealth Building Through El Mercadito

We are actively supporting our Latinx BIPOC entrepreneurs with El Mercadito. 

Financial Advice Partners

Currently our partnership with DevNW provides free memberships to access their financial counseling and education services. If you are interested in this programming please contact our Community Wealth Building organizer, or call 541-236-5605.

Bus Passes

If you are in need of a bus pass, e-mail our Community Wealth Building Organizer, or call her at 541-236-5605 for more information.

Our Impact

$90,000 Distributed in IDA Program Funding

18 Families Helped

Car for a Fire Survivor

$202,500 Secured for Direct Impact