Volunteering with Coalición Fortaleza !

Coalición Fortaleza strives towards a future where the Latinx and Indigenous families in our community can actualize our collective power to shape our destiny and create our own solutions.

Join us in building a sense of community through our programming and community efforts. 

When you volunteer, you

  1. Create a  healthy & deep relationship with our partners to create culturally specific spaces for the communities we serve. 
  2. Create healthy & deep relationships with youth by welcoming them into a space created for them to step into their most authentic selves. 
  3. Create a space where youth can engage with each other to create the understanding that this cultural work cannot happen if our community, regardless of age, profession, etcetera, does not work together.
  4. .Steer the wheel. No one better to report back on what the community wants than the community itself. Volunteers are on the ground at events, having conversations and engaging with attendees. They can help us steer the wheel in the direction that the community is asking for.
  5. What I call, passing the torch. The CF  team is passionate and loves what they do. However, we know that this work can only continue if the next generations feel compelled to do it. Our efforts are to inspire & train the next generations so that they can continue this work with less challenges and more love. 
  6.  Lead by example. The community that attends El Mercadito can be inspired to volunteer, perform and be vendors. The community that